SmartInteract: Artificial Intelligence for Online Teaching Feedback


When students attend classes online, advanced technology provides them with experiences that closely mimic in-person classes. But how does a teacher or professor assess how well they understand the lesson and how engaged they are in the activity?

Artificial intelligence can fill this knowledge gap, helping educators receive real-time feedback by automatically recognizing unseen, unattended emotions and the unspoken intentions of participants. Are they confused, bored, still catching up on notes? Should the professor slow down the pace of teaching,  introduce more examples, or try a different approach? 

Artificial Intelligence for Online Teaching Feedback

Researchers from SDSU’s computer science and journalism and media studies departments will pool their expertise to develop AI algorithms that capture and analyze facial nuances from students which will help educators develop better situational awareness and adapt their lessons accordingly.

Big Ideas Champions

  • Yang Xu, Ph.D., Computer Science
  • Chen Song, Ph.D., Computer Science

Team Member

  • Minjuan Wang, Ph.D., Journalism & Media Studies