Addressing Homelessness

Homelessness and affordable housing are urgent socioeconomic issues that are closely interlinked. San Diego County has more than 7,600 homeless people per the latest Count-in-Time data for 2020, while statewide there are 114,000 homeless individuals.

A cross-disciplinary team of SDSU researchers drawn from public affairs, public health, economics, anthropology, engineering and other fields will come together to understand what’s at the core of homelessness, and how to prevent and reduce it. 

Addressing Homelessness SDSU Big Ideas

Their approach will focus on evidence-based solutions tempered with empathy. They will educate the next generation of practitioners and the current workforce on addressing the challenges by tackling the barriers and social determinants that drive homelessness.

The team will also engage community and industry partners in assessing the effectiveness of intervention strategies, and create awareness in the community through arts, communication and journalism. The group aims to become a national model for understanding, preventing and reducing homelessness.

Big Ideas Champion

Big Ideas Champion
• Mounah Abdel-Samad, Ph.D., Public Affairs

Team Members

  • Hisham Fouad, Ph.D., Economics
  • Iana Castro, Ph.D., Marketing
  • Brian Adams, Ph.D., Political Science 
  • Kristen Maher, Ph.D.,Political Science
  • Bruce Appleyard, Ph.D., Public Affairs
  • Shawn Flanigan, Ph.D., Public Affairs
  • Joshua Chanin, Ph.D., Public Affairs
  • Peggy Peattie, Ph.D., Journalism & Media Studies
  • Megan Welsh, Ph.D.,Public Affairs
  • Casey Roulette, Ph.D., Anthropology
  • Corinne McDaniels-Davisdon, Ph.D., Public Health
  • Jennifer Felner, Ph.D., Psychology
  • Jerel Calzo, Ph.D., Public Health
  • Jessica Barlow, Ph.D., Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
  • Keven Jeffrey, SDSU Library
  • Lianne Urada, Ph.D., Social Work
  • EunJeon KoJongWon Min, Ph.D., Social Work
  • Matthew Higgins, Ph.D., Arts and Design
  • Maya Ginsberg, Ph.D., Music
  • Matthew Verbyla, Ph.D., Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  • Natalie Mladenov, Professor, William E. Leonhard, Jr. Chair, Director of the Water Innovation and Reuse Lab
  • Thais Alves, Ph.D., Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
  • Barry Chung, Ph.D., Education