SDSU Center for K-12 Ethnic Studies


As ethnic studies become more widely adopted at the K-12 level, there has never been a more important moment to leverage schooling as a vehicle for positive social change. This project aims to establish a Center at SDSU to advance innovations around K-12 ethnic studies.

Faculty from Africana Studies, American Indian Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, and education will come together to collaborate on the center. They will work on creating a teaching credential, advancing knowledge on the most effective ways to teach ethnic studies, diversifying the teacher workforce, and providing professional development opportunities.

SDSU Center for K 12 Ethnic Studies

At this critical juncture, the center will leverage the group’s expertise to make SDSU a national leader in the emerging field of K-12 ethnic studies, and be at the forefront of national pedagogical, policy and research conversations. 

Equally importantly, the center will actively shape a new generation of diverse educators whose positive impacts on youth will be felt locally, regionally and nationally.

Big Ideas Champion

  • Michael Domínguez, Ph.D., Chicana and Chicano Studies
  • Sera Hernandez, Ph.D., Dual Language and English Learn Education
  • Alberto Ochoa, Ph.D., Dual Language and English Learner Education
  • Margaret Field, Ph.D., American Indian Studies
  • David Kamper, Ph.D., American Indian Studies
  • Olivia Chilcote, Ph.D., American Indian Studies

Team Members

  • Estella Chizhik, Ph.D., Teacher Education
  • Marva Capello, Ph.D., Teacher Education
  • Andre Branch, Ph.D., Teacher Education
  • Suneal Kolluri, Ph.D., Teacher Education
  • Kate Spilde
  • Margarita Machado-Casas, Ph.D., Dual Language and English Learner Education
  • Alberto Esquinca, Ph.D., Dual Language and English Learner Education
  • Jacob Alvarado Waipuk, Ph.D., Child and Family Development
  • Adisa Alkebulan, Ph.D., Africana Studies
  • Isidro Ortiz, Ph.D., Chicana and Chicano Studies