CCAN: Community Climate Action Network


The capacity to create equitable, vibrant, sustainable communities in San Diego is threatened by climate change related threats, such as catastrophic fires, drought, food and water insecurity, disease and environmental injustice. This is especially true for underserved, under resourced communities.

A team of experienced scientists and communicators is embarking on a new initiative to address these challenges, by catalyzing community climate adaptation and resilience.

CCAN Community Climate Action Network

The Community Climate Action Network will leverage SDSU’s expertise in public health, sciences, arts education, and business in a three-phased approach. Each phase will focus on strategic steps to achieve this goal, from building a community practice to cutting-edge, actionable research and scholarship that will result in community driven transformation.

Big Ideas Champions

  • Rebecca Lewison, Ph.D., Biology
  • Doug Stow, Ph.D., Geography
  • Megan Jennings, Ph.D., Biology
  • Jessica Barlow, Ph.D., Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences
  • Arielle Levine, Ph.D., Geography
  • Piotr Jankowski, Ph.D., Geography
  • Amanda McClain, Ph.D., Exercise & Nutritional Sciences

Team Members

  • Matt Lauer, Anthropology
  • Amy Quandt, Ph.D., Geography
  • Eric Smigel, Ph.D., Music
  • Iana Castro, Ph.D., Marketing
  • Isaac Ullah, Ph.D., Anthropology
  • Meredith Vaughn, Ph.D.,Teacher Education
  • Roger Whitney, Ph.D., Computer Science
  • Madison Swayne, Ph.D., Public Affairs