We need to prepare the global citizens, compassionate leaders, and ethical innovators of the future. But to succeed, we must cultivate a culture of curiosity, courage, and compassion where they can strive.


Inaguration Congratulations

President De la Torre was installed by California State University (CSU) Chancellor Timothy White at Viejas Arena in a ceremony attended by SDSU faculty, staff, students, California higher education leaders, regional elected officials and tribal members, community members and other guests.

Investiture Speech

President De la Torre’s remarks spanned the arc of SDSU history and future ambitions—from its origins as a training school for teachers to its plans for a campus and innovation district in San Diego’s Mission Valley. She spoke of her own childhood and family, and she began and ended her address in Spanish.

Investiture Presidential Speech Transcript (PDF)

innovation at sdsu

Food Insecurity

According to SDSU nutrition professor Amanda McClain, the consequences of food insecurity aren’t limited to hunger. People who don’t know where their next meal will come from experience high levels of stress and uncertainty, which can negatively impact their physical and mental health.

Heart research

SDSU Heart Institute Discovery Holds Promise for New Drug Therapy. A rare perfect score on an application for NIH funding extends work on a drug to boost the body’s natural defenses against a heart attack.

The Future of Neuroscience

Dr. Harsimran Baweja uses VR technology in his lab to research rehab science and how cognition influences the quality of movement.

Research in Alaska

San Diego State University biology professor Luke MIller conducts research in Alaska working with scientists from University of California’s Irvine and Santa Cruz campuses to study how climate change affects tide pools and the organisms that live in them.

What learning looks like

How do we learn to behave in these settings, and what’s happening in our brains when things get a bit awkward? New research out of San Diego State on autism.

Gut reaction lab

Why do we get that sinking feeling in our stomach when we are nervous? San Diego State University chemistry professor Erica Forsberg is attempting to answer this question by analyzing how the bacteria in our guts communicate with our brains.