Presidential Staff Excellence Awards

The Presidential Staff Excellence Awards

The SDSU Staff Honors and Awards Committee (SHAC), in association with the Office of the President, invites nominations for the 2023 Presidential Staff Excellence Awards starting Monday, February 27, 2023 through April 3, 2023.

The Presidential Staff Excellence Awards recognize the outstanding contributions and efforts made by SDSU staff, administrators and auxiliary staff in support of the University, the community and their fellow employees. In addition to a private event with the University President, awardees will receive a statuette and honorarium along with recognition during convocation.

Nominations are accepted for SDSU staff members who exemplify one or more of the following award categories. Please use the online forms within the links below. An individual may be nominated for more than one award category, however each nomination must be submitted separately to address only the elements for that specific category. Nominees may receive more than one award. However, only one honorarium will be given to an individual staff member for the calendar year.

The deadline to submit nominations is Monday, April 3, 2023 at 11:59 P.M. To submit a nomination, please click on the category for which you wish to submit your nomination and fill in the appropriate blanks.

Self-nominations are accepted.

  • The qualifying criteria to receive an award are:
  • Must be employed with the university at the time of the award (June 30, 2023)
  • Must be a permanent or temporary state or auxiliary employee (full-time or part time)
  • Must be in good standing with the university
  • Must not currently be a tenure- or tenure-track faculty member or lecturer
  • Must not currently be serving on the SHAC committee

NOTE: Nominators do not have to be employed by the university. Please feel free to distribute this message to off-campus members of the SDSU community.

The Presidential Staff Excellence Award categories are:

Community Service

  • Developed impactful off-campus relationships on behalf of the university
  • Provided sustained civic or cultural services to the community
  • Enhanced the image and advanced the goals of SDSU with the general public
  • Note: Nominees must be SDSU staff only (classroom faculty, SDSU managers and auxiliary staff are not eligible)

Service to the University

  • Provided sustained service to SDSU’s campus communities
  • Worked above and beyond normal responsibilities of present assignment
  • Showed high degree of involvement and commitment to the university
  • Note: Nominees must be SDSU staff only (classroom faculty, SDSU managers and auxiliary staff are not eligible)

Staff-to-Staff Mentoring

  • Guided and mentored colleagues
  • Encouraged staff to be involved
  • Provided support to other staff including those not in the same classification or discipline
  • Served as a resource person
  • Note: Nominees must be SDSU staff only (classroom faculty, SDSU managers and auxiliary staff are not eligible); Mentoring can take place within the department or across campus departments. Interdisciplinary efforts are encouraged.

Innovation and Creativity

  • Implemented new procedures that elicited positive results
  • Streamlined/expedited current program(s) and service(s)
  • Developed/implemented new technology or processes
  • Developed/implemented efforts that resulted in cost-effective savings
  • Note: Nominees must be SDSU staff only (classroom faculty, SDSU managers and auxiliary staff are not eligible)

Team Effort - Collaborated as a team to further the goals of SDSU 

  • Demonstrated effective teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Note: All members in a team must qualify for award. No more than five members per team nomination. Teams can be within the department or across campus departments; Interdisciplinary efforts are encouraged. 

Auxiliary Support

  • Provided outstanding service for a university project/program or at a university activity or event
  • Provided sustained service to the campus community
  • Supported and/or enhanced products or services consistent with campus mission and goals
  • Note: Nominees must be auxiliary staff only which includes staff members of the Research Foundation, Aztec Shops, and Associated Students (classroom faculty, SDSU managers, and SDSU staff are not eligible)

Manager of the Year

  • Excelled by leading a single outstanding act or demonstrating consistent behavior that ties with the mission and vision of the university
  • Provided leadership and vision that resulted in positive outcomes
  • Provided mentorship and support that enhanced and empowered staff growth and development
  • Note: Nominees must be SDSU management or administrative employees only; this includes any MPP, dean, associate dean, vice-president, president, or other SDSU administrators (classroom faculty, auxiliary staff and SDSU staff are not eligible).

The Staff Affairs Committee has appointed the independent Staff Honors and Awards Committee to review nominations and submit finalists in each category to the university president. The final selection of the nominees will be made by the President and awarded at a special event specifically for these awards.

If you have any questions, please contact the SHAC chair, Hailey Devlin at x4-7001 or [email protected].