Request for Proposals

It’s official! The Big Ideas Initiative requests proposals from the SDSU community to ideate, develop and realize our most innovative strategies to tackling local and global challenges. The proposal format, selection process and criteria are available to begin proposal preparation.

Proposals must be submitted online using the SDSU Competitions Portal any time during the month of January and February, with a final deadline of Friday, March 6, 2020.

Proposal Format

Selection Process and Scoring System

All proposals will be reviewed by the Big Ideas Selection Committee. Initial scores will place proposals into three categories:

Approved for proposal development– chosen ideas are turned into full proposals that include budgets and implementation plans

Of interest, but needs revision– ideas that are promising but the proposals do not achieve the minimum score needed to move forward

Rejected outright– proposals that do not meet criteria and are removed from further consideration

Proposals in the first category will proceed to the Team Development stage, where resources will be invested to further the Big Idea. Proposals in the second category will be returned to the proposer for refinement, and re-reviewed.

The selection criteria and scoring system are attached below:

Scoring System