Short Films for Big Ideas


The Big Ideas initiative presents Short Films for Big Ideas, a video showcase series featuring innovative ideas to fuel the future from faculty-led research teams in areas such as Health and Well-being, Climate Change, Social Justice and Transborder Solutions. 

Health and Well-being

We are all invested in achieving a healthier world, where everyone can attain good health, comfort and happiness – these are the principles of well-being. The integration of technology with healthcare has strengthened our approach to the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease, but has not traditionally addressed wellness. The instruments of a holistic approach to well-being include access to social networks, education, physical and mental healthcare from early childhood throughout our lives.

Big Ideas Team Information

HEROs Institute: Health, Education, Research, Outcomes

Healthy Aging Across the Lifespan

Digital Platform to Monitor Lung Health

SDSU Child and Family Services

Climate Change

As climate changes, the ability of a region to maintain industries and practices based on environmental conditions can be compromised, leading to shortages of critical needs such as food, clean water, energy and jobs. To mitigate these negative impacts of climate change on our world, four Big Ideas teams propose solutions that include government and community intervention as well as food security and biodegradable plastics made with greenhouse gases.

Big Ideas Team Information

CCAN: Community Climate Action Network

AZTEC: Advancing Zero-fossil Technologies for Engineered Carbon

Global Food Security: An Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Approach

Metabolism of Cities Living Lab

Social Justice

Social justice is the guiding principle we use to establish the support structures our communities need to thrive. A just society relies on a collective sense of responsibility to continually improve our institutions as instruments of equal rights, opportunities and treatment. Five Big Ideas teams propose tangible pathways to fostering social justice in professional, educational, historical and social contexts, empowering communities to eliminate social and economic disparities.

Big Ideas Team Information

The Empathy Lens: Gaining Insights Through Immersive Learning

Comics and Social Justice

SmartInteract: Artificial Intelligence for Online Teaching Feedback

SDSU Center for K-12 Ethnic Studies

Addressing Homelessness

Transborder Solutions

Regional environmental, social, and economic challenges are not constrained by national borders and affect all communities that share the same resources. From the coast to the Imperial Valley, our communities reflect a rich hybrid culture. Unfortunately, this transborder region is also home to disparities, such as access to clean water, economic opportunity, and modern infrastructure. To address these challenges, four Big Ideas teams focus on transborder research and development, leveraging the SDSU Imperial Valley campus.

Big Ideas Team Information

Reimagining Transboundary Water

Rural RISE: Rural Resilient InfraStructurE

Trans-facturing: Transforming Manufacturing with 3-D Printing

SDSU RISE Center: Research, Innovation, Student Engagement