Big ideas steering comittee


Review, revise and implement Big Ideas Initiative at SDSU; insure timely communication with academic units; design proposal format, rubric and selection process; convene and charge the Selection Committee.

  •  Karen May-Newman, Ph.D., Professor of Mechanical Engineering (ENG), Chair
  • Jessica Barlow, Professor of Speech Language (HHS)

  • Marva Capello, Professor, Department of Teacher Education (EDU)

  • Christopher Glembotski, Professor, Department of Biology (SCI)

  • Jennifer Imazeki, Associate Chief Diversity Officer for Faculty Success (DEI)

  • Seth Mallios, Professor, Department of Anthropology (CAL)

  • Gregorio Ponce, Dean of SDSU Imperial Valley (IV)

  • Eric Smigel, Professor of Music, Chair of Arts Alive SDSU Steering Committee (PSFA)

  •  Chamu Sundaramurthy, Professor and Chair, Department of Management (BUS)

  • Wil Weston, Head of Collections Management (LIB)

Big ideas selection comittee


Reviews proposals; distributes and discusses input from all stakeholders; makes selections; advises teams and steering committee


The Big Ideas selection committee will review and discuss all proposals. This committee is comprised of faculty, staff, students, and administrators as well as alumni and donors.