Big Ideas Teams



Harsimran Baweja

Center for Human Performance and Biomedical Excellence

Wayne Beach

Pandemic ‚”Stress‚” and Quality of Living: Assessing and Minimizing Health Risks in San Diego County (and Beyond...)

Joaquin Camacho

Transforming Manufacturing Leveraging Trans-disciplinary Strengths of SDSU

Beth Chung-Herrera

Increasing Receptivity to Diversity and Inclusion Through Technology

Michael Dominguez

Center for K-12 Ethnic Studies Research and Teacher Education

Gabriela Fernandez

Metabolism of Cities Living Lab: Strengthening Diversity and Deliberation in Climate Adaptation Planning

James Frazee

Virtual Immersive Teaching and Learning (VITaL): Improving Cultural Competency through an Empathetic Lens

Steve Hornberger

Healthy Aging Across the Lifespan

Helina Hoyt

Fostering Transdisciplinary Leadership, Evaluation, and Research Networking in Imperial Valley - SDSU LEARN

Marina Kalyuzhnaya

Advancing Zero-fossil Technologies for Engineered Carbon (AZTEC)

Rebecca Lewison

Community Climate Action Network (CCAN)

Hala Madanat

Addressing Homelessness

Marta Miletic

Rural Resilient InfraStructurE (Rural RISE)

Natalie Mladenov

Re-imagining Transboundary Water

Kee Moon

Lung Digital Health Platform

Martina Musteen

Food Security and Sustainable Entrepreneurship: A "Seed (and Sea) to Spoon" Ecosystems Approach

Peter Nelson

Indigenous Self-Determination, Sovereignty, and Futures

Elizabeth Pollard

Conquering Social Issues through a Comic Studies Collaborative

Miguel Villodas

SDSU Child and Family Services Project

Yang Xu

Creating An AI-Supported Computational Model and System for Enhancing Communication in Online Teaching and Learning