Fall 2019

Provide information to and solicit feedback; host events to engage stakeholders; capture ideas and encourage cross-college conversations.

Spring 2020 Encourage teams to form around thematic areas; provide a clear and transparent
process for proposal submission and selection. Faculty-led teams submit proposals
describing their Big Ideas. Proposals due on March 6, 2020. Teams will be selected and
notified by April 15, 2020.
Summer 2020 Successful teams will receive support to develop a poster for a community showcase and
time with Instructional Technology Services to create a 3-5 minute promotional video.
Fall 2020 Teams develop their proposals for final selection. A poster session for all teams will be
held and community feedback solicited. Teams will develop their posters and videos for
submission in December. 5 Big Ideas teams will be chosen based on their alignment with the
University-wide Strategic Plan. The remaining teams will continue to be cultivated to pursue
their proposed work.
Spring 2021 5 Big Ideas Finalists announced.

Proposed Timeline