Fall 2019 Provide information to and solicit feedback; host events to engage stakeholders; capture ideas and encourage cross-college conversations.
Spring 2020 Encourage teams to form around thematic areas; provide a clear and transparent process for proposal submission and selection. Big Ideas begin with faculty-led teams who submit proposals that are evaluated for their potential to attract private funding. Teams selected in the first round will be provided support for developing promotional materials and encouraged to engage donors and other stakeholders to evolve their idea. All teams will present their Big Ideas in a poster session to be held in April.
Summer 2020 Nurture teams to develop major proposals for Round 2. Feedback from the poster presentations, the promotional video and the team development plan will be evaluated to select the five final Big Ideas teams. 5 Big Ideas teams will be chosen based on their alignment with the University-wide Strategic Plan. The remaining teams will continue to be cultivated to pursue their proposed work.
Fall 2020 5 Big Ideas Finalists announced.

Proposed Timeline

 Big Ideas Timeline