Other Statements

"I would like to thank the Aztec Identity Task Force for its in-depth analysis over this past semester. I would also like to acknowledge the University Senate for fostering this important discussion about the Aztec identity and thank President Sally Roush for her strong leadership in creating the task force and engaging the SDSU community in the dialogue. I support the decisions made by President Roush. I look forward to working closely with students and the entire SDSU community to advance our commitment to culturally appropriate education and ensuring that representations of our Aztec identity are respectful and historically accurate.”

Associated Students President Chris Thomas 

“At its meeting last November, and after considerable discussion, the University Senate approved a Resolution that reflected members’ concerns with the Aztec Warrior and moniker. In response, President Roush formed a Task Force to thoroughly examine issues that Resolution raised.

Senators appreciate both the President’s commitment to a thorough review and the Task Force’s diligent efforts to meet its charge and provide recommendations for her to consider.

I support the decision President Roush shared with us today — in particular, her affirmation of the university’s commitment to a strong education program focused on Aztec culture, and also to the respectful, historically and accurate treatment of the Aztec identity.”

University Senate Chair Marcie Bober-Michel

“President Roush has approached this decision-making process with the utmost care and communication with the local native people. I respect her decision and look forward to working with SDSU going forward to bring more awareness and attention to the local indigenous tribes and their history of contributions to this region.”

Sycuan Band of Kumeyaay Nation Tribal Chairman Cody Martinez

“I believe President Roush’s decision was the best choice for San Diego State University. I appreciate the work of the task force, as it is important that we follow through on the building of Aztec culture education. We must continue to recognize and work in partnership with our surrounding indigenous communities. Working together will allow us to be successful.”

Dan Montoya, assistant vice president of SDSU Alumni

“As a university and as an athletic department, we take tremendous pride in the Aztec name. Our coaches and student-athletes respect and appreciate the Aztec culture and the great responsibility that comes with the honor of holding the name. We look forward to carrying on the rich tradition of the San Diego State Aztecs.”

Director of Intercollegiate Athletics John David Wicker