Decisions and Next Steps

Aztec Identity

SDSU President Sally Roush has announced that SDSU will retain the Aztec identity. Also, the Aztec Warrior will be appropriately described as a “spirit leader” and will behave with dignity at all times and not partake in any behavior that misrepresents Aztec culture.

Aztec Culture Education

SDSU President Sally Roush also called for:

A governing body, which has yet to be formed and named, to be chaired by the SDSU president and charged with actively addressing issues related to SDSU’s Aztec identity and the ethical and fiduciary responsibility of carrying the Aztec name.

The Aztec Culture Education Committee (ACEC), formed during the 2016-2017 year, to reconvene and be formally institutionalized. The ACEC, which has been on hiatus awaiting SDSU President Sally Roush’s final decisions on the Aztec identity, is responsible for introducing additional cultural and co-curricular programming related to Aztec history and culture.

SDSU will continue to adopt changes that explicitly and respectfully align the Aztec identity with the Aztec civilization’s three pillars: knowledge, strength and prowess and giving back to the community.

SDSU Awards

SDSU President Sally Roush also called for an immediate change to dismiss the use of the nicknames “Monty” and “Zuma,” noting that the use of such nicknames in any context is inappropriate. SDSU will immediately rename its annual awards for outstanding faculty, staff and alumni in coordination with the appropriate university committees, to eliminate the use of the nicknames.