Meet Adela de la Torre

Adela de la Torre

For as long as I can remember, my grandmother always had an open home. With humble resources, she managed to have a hot meal, a clean room, and a welcoming smile for anyone who needed a place to stay. Neighbors, relatives, or friends knew that if they ever needed a friendly face, a hearty meal, or a place to rest, they could come and knock on her door.
She passed this tradition to my mother, who in turned passed it on to me. So today, I'm excited to openly welcome you to The Office of the President website. Here you will find updates about processes and priorities as we come together to guide the next chapter of San Diego State University.
It's been a busy few months since I was announced as San Diego State University's 9th permanent president. I've been humbled and honored to meet with students, faculty, staff, donors, and leaders who are excited to support and share their vision for SDSU.
In the midst of a busy calendar, my husband, Steve, our three dogs, and I arrived to San Diego. And while unpacking the precious Mexican art pieces and mementos I've collected over my years as a citizen and scholar, I was struck with the thought that new trajectories rarely take us far from our foundational roots.
In my case, I am still amazed that my Mexican heritage and my work as a binational economist have led me to San Diego State, home of the Aztecs.

As I work closely with faculty and staff to move forward, student success will continue to be a foundational force in what we do at San Diego State. I know this approach will yield impressive global citizens, compassionate leaders, and ethical innovators. When that happens everyone involved is lifted higher, including our community and the generations of students who are yet to come.
To that end, the Mission Valley campus expansion is our next frontier, and I want to echo the pledge I made when I was welcomed to campus in February:
My support and commitment to seize the opportunity for a Mission Valley campus is unwavering.
As you know, SDSU has long desired to purchase the stadium site, as it's the only logical location for the university's planned and necessary growth. Purchasing that land would enable the university to expand its educational research and entrepreneurial programs, while allowing the university and the larger community to enjoy another 121 years of tangible educational and economic benefits.
I encourage you to get familiar with the Mission Valley expansion project and the thoughtful process guiding our strategy moving forward.
This is indeed an exciting time to be part of San Diego State University.

I look forward to getting to know many of you and to learn about the journey that has brought you to San Diego State University.