President's Cabinet

Org chart (PDF)

Adela de la Torre

  Marcie Bober-Michel
University Senate Chair
Joseph F. Johnson Jr.,
Interim Provost
  Mary Ruth Carleton
Vice President for University Relations
& Development

Thomas McCarron
Vice President for Business
and Financial Affairs & CFO


Eric Rivera
Vice President for Student Affairs

Stephen Welter
Vice President for Research
& Dean of Graduate Affairs

Sandra Cook
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,  Enrollment

Agnes Wong Nickerson
Associate Vice President, Financial Operations

Chris Xanthos
Associate Vice President and CIO,
Business Operations

John David Wicker
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Tom Karlo
General Manager, KPBS

Brittany Santos-Derieg
Chief of Staff

  Christine Hutchins
Associate Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Jim Herrick
Assistant Vice President, Special Projects

Dan Montoya
Assistant Vice President, SDSU Alumni