Fireside Charla with SDSU President Adela de la Torre


February 1, 2020

#014 - Cancer Research at SDSU

Episode Summary:

In this episode, we will hear from three of SDSU’s cancer researchers: Dr. Christal Sohl, Dr. Elva Arredondo, and Dr. Wayne Beach, who address research from three different angles. They are a part of SDSU’s Cancer CORE, which is a large cross-disciplinary cancer research group that brings together many researchers across many colleges. We will hear that the research they’re doing helps us understand this destructive disease, some types of preventative measures, and the importance of clear communication.

Approximate running time: 34:59
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"I'm convinced we need to have even more scientists because the future is very optimistic"- Dr. de la Torre

“Cancer research is something that's so very accessible because I don't think I've encountered a student yet that hasn't been affected through cancer in some way"-Dr. Sohl

"We know that there's definitely a lot of misconceptions about what causes cancer, how to treat cancer"-Dr. Arredondo

"The stereotype that we have about cancer and communication is that it's primarily about death and despair"-Dr. Beach

About Dr. Adela de la Torre

Dr. Adela de la Torre joined San Diego State University in June 2018, as the first woman and Latina president. She brings 30 years of service and leadership roles within institutions of higher education and shares these experiences with open arms. She has two daughters who are both married, a grandson, a husband, and three dogs! Adela discusses the challenges she faced in college, her mentors, her heart-led leadership style, and her vision to help all types of students at SDSU feel confident in their goals.

About Dr. Christal Sohl

Dr. Christal Sohl is an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry at San Diego State University. In her lab, she is interested in probing mechanistic questions at the intersection of biochemistry and human disease.

About Dr. Elva Arredondo

Dr. Elva Arredondo is a professor in the School of Public Health at San Diego State University. She has 18 years of research in examining determinants of Latino health, with a focus on physical activity and cancer research.

About Dr. Wayne Beach

Wayne Beach is a professor in the School of Communication at San Diego State University, director of the Center for Communication, Health, and the Public Good, and a faculty member on the SDSU/UCSD joint doctoral program in public health. His research draws attention to the importance of everyday communication between patients, their families, and their doctors.