Fireside Charla with SDSU President Adela de la Torre


 March 1, 2019

#002 Charla with Seth Mallios on President de la Torre's Inauguration

Episode Summary:

President de la Torre and Campus Historian and Professor of Anthropology Seth Mallios discuss the stories behind presidential inaugurations at SDSU, why they matter, and why we won’t want to miss the historic investiture of the first female president in the university’s 121-year history. Seth expands on the symbolic importance of this ceremony and celebration that brings the SDSU and larger community together.

Approximate running time: 23:30
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In this episode, you will

  1. Discover why SDSU’s archives on their presidents and their inaugurations reveal why SDSU is such a unique and innovative university
  2. Understand the domino effect that has brought us to this moment, when with the first female president is leading the next chapter of innovation and change
  3. Find what an investiture provides the presidents and the community


“We're walking into an important global time when we really need to focus on what brings us together and not what separates us, and San Diego State is at this important time” -President de la Torre.

“Family is community and community is family, we're all in this together, and when we have these shared experiences, it pulls us closer” -Seth Mallios.

About Dr. Adela de la Torre

Dr. Adela de la Torre joined San Diego State University in June 2018, as the first woman and Latina president. She brings 30 years of service and leadership roles within institutions of higher education and shares these experiences with open arms. She has two daughters who are both married, a grandson, a husband, and three dogs! Adela discusses the challenges she faced in college, her mentors, her heart-led leadership style, and her vision to help all types of students at SDSU feel confident in their goals.


About Dr. Seth Mallios

Dr. Seth Mallios is Professor of Anthropology and Director of the South Coastal Information Center at San Diego State University. An archaeologist, anthropologist, and historian, Professor Mallios received his BA from the University of California, Berkeley and his MA and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Dr. Mallios previously served as Site Supervisor at the 1607 James Fort archaeological site in Jamestown, Virginia, the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, and published extensively on early colonial intercultural English/Spanish/Virginia Indian relations. Since moving to San Diego in 2001, Professor Mallios has spearheaded six research projects: The San Diego Gravestone Project, The Lost Murals of San Diego State Project, The Nate Harrison Historical Archaeology Project, The Whaley House Historical Archaeology Project, The San Diego Archaeological Geographic Information System, and The Historical Archaeology of Local Rock 'n' Roll. He has published nine books, dozens of articles, and garnered over $1.5 million dollars in extramural grants.




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