Presidential seal

September 22, 2020

Dear SDSU Community,

After a near 30-year career with the California State University system, Senior Vice President for SDSU Mission Valley Development Tom McCarron has announced he will retire from San Diego State University at the end of the calendar year.

Tom has long served in the CSU system, and his knowledge and insight into both the state and CSU system budget and planning processes proved invaluable these past two years. Tom’s expertise helped the University to acquire an opportunity for growth of historic proportions, both for SDSU and for the CSU system. I remain so grateful for his expertise, and offer him a heartfelt congratulations on his well deserved retirement.

Tom arrived at SDSU in 2013 as Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer with oversight of Administration, Real Estate, Business Operations, Financial Operations, Athletics, Aztec Shops, and the SDSU Research Foundation. As Chief Financial Officer, Tom also chaired the President’s Budget Advisory Committee.

In March 2019, Tom was appointed as Senior Vice President for SDSU Mission Valley Development. Since that time, Tom and his team have worked tirelessly, negotiating the massive purchase and sale agreement with the City of San Diego and overseeing the preparations for construction of SDSU Mission Valley and Aztec Stadium. He also served as a member of the Chancellor’s Mission Valley Oversight and Advisory Committee, which was critical to receiving unanimous support of the project at the CSU Board of Trustees.

Prior to coming to SDSU, Tom worked at CSU Northridge for 14 years as Vice President of Administration and Finance (six years) and Executive Director of the University Corporation (eight years). He also served on various committees, is past president of the Auxiliary Organizations Association (AOA) and a past chair of the CSU Chief Administrators and Business Officers (CABO). Tom is also a graduate of the FBI Citizens’ Academy.

Upon retirement, Tom looks forward to dedicating more time to his volunteer work, traveling once the pandemic subsides and visiting with his beautiful twin grandsons. He also enjoys helping others with financial and retirement planning.

Following Tom’s retirement at the end of this calendar year, Associate Vice President for Mission Valley Gina Jacobs will continue to advance the operational and planning efforts for Mission Valley development, reporting to the President. The Senior Vice President position will not be refilled at this time. Gina will work closely with the Vice Presidents for Research and for Business and Financial Affairs, and their teams, to further support campus progress around Mission Valley.

Please join me in sincerely congratulating Tom, and wishing him well in his retirement.

Adela de la Torre, Ph.D.
San Diego State University President