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April 20, 2020

Dear SDSU Community,

Students enrolled in spring 2020 courses at San Diego State University will now have a credit/no credit grading option for all courses. This extends the temporary change in grading policy for select courses that we announced in an April 15 campus message.

The expanded grading option affords our students greater flexibility as they work to meet their academic goals. As a further response to coronavirus (COVID-19) concern, it is among a series of actions San Diego State University has taken to mitigate academic and financial challenges for all students.

Please keep the following in mind: For some students, taking a credit/no credit option has the potential to create direct and adverse impacts in both the short-term and long-term. For example, some professional accreditation organizations may not permit grading alterations.

In pursuing the credit/no credit option, students must carefully consider their financial aid, employability and long-term academic goals, including interest in graduate and professional studies. Given these unintended but serious potential adverse consequences, SDSU is implementing a structured process to assist students in making informed decisions about opting for credit/no credit:

  • Students shall seek consultation from academic advisers and a financial aid officer to ensure that, based on their academic program, they do not face adverse impacts from a credit/no credit mark appearing on their transcripts. Undergraduates who have academic questions can attend a Virtual Academic Advising Session, or receive phone advising by calling 619-594-6668 (Monday through Thursday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.). Students who have questions about their majors, or need help choosing upper division courses, should contact their adviser listed in the major adviser directory.

  • Graduate students should consult the Graduate Affairs Coronavirus Policy Updates page, which has information for thesis packets, the dissertation submission process, and support for those with questions about meeting graduation requirements.

  • After this consultation, students must submit a formal request to change their grade basis to credit/no credit by May 1. Students wishing to submit their request immediately may do so by completing the Petition for Special Consideration Late Schedule Adjustment. Additional information is on the SDSU Withdrawal site.

  • Assistant deans will review requests involving majors, minors and graduate programs in their respective colleges and offer consultation to students where needed.

  • Assistant deans will route their decisions regarding credit/no credit petitions to the Office of the Registrar for confirmation. The registrar will send a confirmation to each student at their SDSU email address.

SDSU World Campus will provide further direction to students in the [email protected] and Open University programs. Students in those programs may also visit the FAQ page for additional information.

As a reminder, as an alternative to the credit/no credit option, students have a flexible withdrawal option through May 7. This option allows students to withdraw from one or more classes of their choosing, with approval from the dean or their designee in the appropriate college in which the course is offered.

To do so, students will need to complete the Petition for Special Consideration Late Schedule Adjustment form. Once approved, a “W” will appear on the student’s transcript for the course. This will have no effect on financial aid.

We continue to encourage students who have critical needs for housing, food, technology, crisis counseling, health care and other assistance to seek the support of SDSU’s Economic Crisis Response Team. Students can directly request support via the online ECRT form.

Also, Professors of Equity are providing guidance about ways to adjust to graduate school during these uncertain times and “Conversation with Graduate Students: Academic Journey through COVID-19 Outbreak,” as part of a professional development series. If you are interested in participating in signing-up for the live Zoom meeting, please complete this Google form.

We hope that offering the additional grade flexibility will help in this time of upheaval. To all of our students, including those who have had life-changing experiences: We are here to support you, and we ask that you continue to look to your instructors, advisors and counselors for support. No matter your circumstances, know that your success and well-being remain our primary focus.

Adela de la Torre
San Diego State University President

Mark Wheeler
University Senate Chair

Christian Onwuka
Associated Students President