Fireside Charla with SDSU President Adela de la Torre


June 9, 2020

#017 - Engineering Research at SDSU

Episode Summary:

For this episode of Fireside Charla, we interview with three of the top SDSU's engineering researchers. Enjoy!

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“...our undergraduate student enrollment, more than doubled. All of our departments are among US top 25 engineering departments, in terms of the generation of the engineering workforce. We truly became a powerhouse graduating more and more engineering students in different
majors. Also, enrollment in the college doctoral programs more than
doubled in the last three years.” -Olvesky

“So the overarching issue that we are trying to address in the center is as I
said before, restoring a mobility in human paralyzed limbs. And in it's not just that human paralyzed limbs, but can foster mobility in even a device like say a robotic arm.” -Sarcar

“Whenever you interface hardware with the human body, it does not work
the same way that you predicted in the lab. And that's where what makes our job very exciting. The challenge and then trying to overcome that and how do we make sure that we predicted that behavior that behavior before it's implanted?” -Cassini

About Dr. Adela de la Torre

Dr. Adela de la Torre joined San Diego State University in June 2018, as the first woman and Latina president. She brings 30 years of service and leadership roles within institutions of higher education and shares these experiences with open arms. She has two daughters who are both married, a grandson, a husband, and three dogs! Adela discusses the challenges she faced in college, her mentors, her heart-led leadership style, and her vision to help all types of students at SDSU feel confident in their goals. 

About Dean Eugene Olevsky

Eugene Olvesky has been the Dean of the College of Engineering since
2018. He joined SDSU in 1998 and has completed 22 years now. He still
oversees an active lab and has served as visiting professor in Europe and
Asia. He is a distinguished professor of mechanical engineering. He has
brought in $22 million in grants over his career and authored 500+ scientific
papers. He has focused on improving diversity among faculty and students,
growing the college and enhancing research.

About Mahasweta Sarkar

Mahasweta Sarkar is a professor of electrical and computer engineering.
She is an SDSU alumna, class of 2000. She is the chair of diversity, equity
and inclusion committee for the college. She is the graduate programs
advisor for her department. The lab Sarkar works in is Wireless networks
and communications (WINC). Her research focus is on various applications
of wireless networks including brain computer interface specifically applied
to restoring mobility to the paralyzed upper limbs in humans with spinal
cord injuries.

About Samuel Kassegne

Professor Samuel Kassegne joined SDSU in 2005, 14 years now. He is a
professor of mechanical engineering. He is funded by NSF, Department of
Energy, U.S Navy (SPAWAR), and industry. He has worked in industry
before joining academia.



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