Fireside Charla with SDSU President Adela de la Torre


 May 1, 2019

#004 Charla on Transforming the Classroom: Meet Meet Drs. James Frazee, Katie Hughes, and Harsimran Baweja

Episode Summary:

President de la Torre chats with James Frazee, Senior Academic Technology Officer and Director of Instructional Technology Services at San Diego State University, and two of our most innovative educators, Dr. Katie Hughes and Dr. Harsimran Baweja, who share how they are transforming instruction and why we need to reinvent the classroom to educate the students that will become the leaders of the future.

Approximate running time: 32:21
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“It really is important to understand that the critical thinking, the organizational skills and the ability to extract information in a meaningful way is really important for our students.” -Adela

“An active learning classroom now has changed that characteristic of a class. It's a discussion rather than me talking in one direction with my students, which makes it more engaging for both sides.” -Sim

“What I see so often is that as an instructor, I can sort of back away and become more of a facilitator and they instruct each other a lot because they just become engaged and even the shyest students end up participating at much higher levels than previously. And a lot of the barriers kind of disappear once they're engaged in that process.” -Katie

“One of the key components is providing students with really authentic complex tasks, problem solving, decision making tasks, tasks that require students to work with one another, to solve a problem or to create something. So we're trying to create environments, physical environments, that are very collaboration minded.” -James

About Dr. Adela de la Torre

Dr. Adela de la Torre joined San Diego State University in June 2018, as the first woman and Latina president. She brings 30 years of service and leadership roles within institutions of higher education and shares these experiences with open arms. She has two daughters who are both married, a grandson, a husband, and three dogs! Adela discusses the challenges she faced in college, her mentors, her heart-led leadership style, and her vision to help all types of students at SDSU feel confident in their goals.

About Katie Hughes

As an ITS Faculty Fellow, Katie works on the implementation of instructional technologies and pedagogical strategies through participation in the Course Design Institute program, with a specialized focus on supporting faculty across campus on ways to implement Turnitin in face-to-face, hybrid, and fully online courses. She is also actively involved in promoting the Learning Research Studios’ technology-enhanced classrooms to deliver interactive teaching and learning, and currently organizes a professional community of faculty teaching in these spaces on campus.

About Harsimran S. Baweja

As a clinical neuroscientist, Sim's research aims at understanding the neural mechanisms underlying movement control and learning across the lifespan and in persons with movement disorders arising from nervous system pathologies. We then use these discoveries to translate them into innovative and meaningful interventions and rehabilitation paradigms.

About Dr. James Frazee

As the Senior Academic Technology Officer and Director of Instructional Technology Services (ITS) at San Diego State University, Dr. James has written and presented widely on the subjects of obtaining, managing and leveraging large state and federal educational technology grants, designing faculty professional development programs, strategic technology planning and using technology to push curriculum reform.